Lesh & Gaj – Corporate High Level – Multi Unit Townhouse Development – Box Hill North

"This is the second time we built with Bluestar Living, and we were fortunate to work with their site manager Sam Boshevski. Sam responded to any of our concerns and questions, promptly, diligently and effectively. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to manage the build of our property. Overall we were extremely happy with the quality and process of the build – even the neighbours noticed! We definitely would recommend Bluestar Living, and would use them again."

John & Nicole – Business Owners – Multi Unit Townhouse Development – Murrumbeena

“I was referred to Bluestar Living from a friend of mine. After meeting with Adam, I was convinced to sign up with them because of his professionalism and the way that he went about quoting the project. The other main advantage was their ability to do a joint venture. What Impressed me the most was what was included in Bluestar Living's standard specification. There were a lot of items that most other builders had as extra's. I found Adam to be very professional and things got done meeting our expectations. I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone wanting to build.”

Eric – Real Estate Agent – Multi Unit Townhouse development & Custom Built Home – Box Hill & Blackburn

“I contacted BSL through a referral as Adam and the Bluestar Living team had done a job for one of my clients who was very happy with their experience. I saw what they did with that job and I knew that if they could make my client Paul Huggins happy, that was enough for me! The thing that impressed me the most was that BSL never say “No”. Whenever I asked for anything, if they didn’t know, Laurie would do the research and always come back to me. BSL are very accommodating and always want to do what they can for their clients. I was very happy with everything and am now planning my next project with Bluestar Living.”

Gisella & Michael – Business Owners – Multi Unit Townhouse Development – Mont Albert North & Wheelers Hill

“We choose Bluestar Living as we were very impressed with the Townhouses and homes we had seen that they built. In particular, we loved the Town House that had won the “Best Multi Unit” Award from the Master Builders Association. We were very impressed with it. The Quality and Finish to our development and their organisation are what has impressed us the most with Bluestar Living, as well as the level of documentation to ensure we had a smooth run throughout our project. We have achieved an amazing result and would not hesitate in recommending Bluestar Living to anyone else.”

Sash – Business Owner – Multi Unit Townhouse Development – Bentleigh

“Dealing with builders and/or contractors has often been a frustrating and painful experience for me in the past. With Bluestar Living I never had these experiences. I was always treated with respect, kept informed and answered promptly with any queries I had. Most importantly though, I felt taken care of. On several occasions, I was contacted about potential hurdles or problems that were not the builders' responsibility, and which enabled me to act swiftly and ensure my project was built on time and without blowing my budget. I was also guided throughout the entire process and more than once set in the right direction when I was clearly going the wrong way! With Bluestar Living, I had piece of mind that my project would be successful and it was!”

Nectar & Martha – Government Sector – Multi Unit Townhouse Development – Box Hill & Balwyn

“As first time developers it was critical that we had an open communication line with the builder. We were investing a lot of money, time and emotion into the project and the guys at Blue Star Living were always available to consult, advise and reassure us when required. When a problem arose (as we quickly learnt always do on building sites) it was handled quickly, professionally and with our best interest first and foremost. In the end their professional approach and attention to detail meant we received quality homes and on time. Our experience with Bluestar Living has given us the confidence to jump into the next project and Bluestar Living is our first choice to make it happen.”

Silvana & Michael – Business Owners – Custom Built Home – Templestowe

“What a breath of fresh air! As cliched as it may sound, these guys do actually make your dreams become a reality. Firstly, I'd like to point out that I never considered that building our own home was an option for our family. My husband and I lead very busy lives (like many people) and with two young children and the responsibilities that come with running a pharmacy we just didn't think we could cope with the added stresses that inevitably come with building. Also, we had heard several horror stories from friends about their building experiences and decided we would surely be able to find a ready built home to move in to that would accommodate our needs. However, after much searching we finally came to the realization that if we were going to find a home that suited our needs perfectly then we would have to build our own home. After a few disheartening meetings with several volume builders we were finally led into the hands of Adam and Laurie at Bluestar Living through a close relative (my brother, actually!). After our first meeting, we knew we had chosen the right path. Adam and Laurie explained the whole process to us and were keen to get everything documented via a formal contract with all inclusions so we would have no surprises and to minimize the chance of any misunderstandings. And so our journey began.... And we couldn't have been more excited! We arrived at the draftsman's office with our "wish list" and after discussing a few ideas and making some changes over several visits we finally walked out with the designs of our new home. We were ecstatic to have got to this stage and we could hardly wait for Bluestar Living to work their magic and turn the designs into our brand new home! The ease with which we started the project discussions in our first meeting continued over a number of meetings until we had chosen every last bathroom accessory, door handle, door stopper etc. At one point, we realised that a few of our design inclusions and accessories had caused us to go considerably over our budget... very easy to do and a little harder to undo! We asked Adam and Laurie for their input to bring the budget back into line and they suggested a few compromises that would not adversely affect the look and feel of the home whilst still maintaining a high quality finish. Now it was truly time to see our home come to life. As Bluestar Living completed each stage, they invited us to inspect and comment on their work. It was amazing to watch the transformation as the builders edged closer each month to completing our home. There were a couple of issues that arose along the way, but with their open communication and professionalism they always managed to resolve any of the issues with a mutually beneficial outcome. This really made the whole experience much less stressful than it can sometimes otherwise be. Overall, I can honestly say that our experience with Bluestar Living was a very positive one. I would definitely use them again if I was going to build another home (although that's not likely for many decades!) and I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone hoping to create a unique home with an undeniable quality finish and an acute attention to detail. You won't be disappointed! Thank you , Bluestar Living! Our family loves the home your created for us.”

Sharon – Developer – Multi Unit Townhouse Development – Vermont South

“I contacted BluestarLiving because of the relationship built up with Adam during the RESULTS programs & through conversations I had with him you could tell he had Integrity. Bluestar Living’s website had information on all the projects done and all had a quality finish. Quality was important to me which helped to convince me to sign up with them. I was most impressed with there commitment to the project, as they kept on building while there were hiccups with my finance. I don’t think therewould have been many other builders who would have done this for me. Laurie and Adam were always there to support me through this process.”

Paul – Developer & Business Owner – Boutique Apartments – Mont Albert

“The professionalism and expertise of both Directors, Adam and Laurie, were ‘a stand out’. Adam and Laurie are the faces of the company and their outlook is reflected by all their staff. From the start to the final handover Bluestar Living kept the project on track and on time, keeping us informed of the progress at every phase of the building schedule. Their management and coordination skills regarding all the Contractors involved on-site was exemplary. Adam and Laurie obviously love what they do, their enthusiasm for the work was always obvious and it showed in the very high standard of work that was produced. Well done Bluestar Living!”