What happens at the initial consultation?

This is where we discuss your overall project and understand your needs. It is essential that you tell us ‘your story’. What are your goals? What are you hoping to achieve? What is your budget for this project? What is your deadline? What is your number one priority?
Keep in mind that we are trying to establish your needs, and how we can best service and satisfy those needs. The more information we have, the more detail we can work with, and the clearer your roadmap will be. We have found that listening to your story and preparing a roadmap results in the safest, fastest and easiest way to a successful and rewarding outcome.

Do I get to select my finishes?

Yes you do. Meet with our award-winning Colour and Material Consultant who will work through the comprehensive list of fixtures, fittings and finishes. Every selection will be detailed in your documentation to guarantee the end-product you expect.

How do I know that construction is proceeding successfully?

Once we have received all relevant documents and permits, work will commence on your site. At each milestone our site manager will work through our quality assurance checklist to ensure our standards and expectations being met. We also provide our clients with access to a secure website which details their project.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes we do. Experience peace of mind when moving into or selling your project knowing that we have commited to you for 10 years with our 10 Year Structural Guarantee.

Getting Started

Let’s get to know each other by meeting for an initial consultation. We can discuss the concept of your project and understand your needs. This is the ideal time for you to tell us your story and explain what you hope to achieve. We will cover the following questions in the consultation:

What is your budget?

What is your timeline?

What is your number one priority for this project?

Once we receive some basic information we can provide you with a preliminary price which is valid for 30 days.